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January 9th: Dave Matthews, Joey Lauren Adams & Mat Hoffman

Recognizing birthdays from a few of my fellow Gen Xers.

Dave Matthews – Born 1967. Here’s the DMB performing at Woodstock ’99. Although I’ve always like some of his music, I never listened to much of his stuff. However, this is one of my favorite live performances from the 1990’s.

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Dancing with the 80’s teen stars

After a few days of watching some classic 1980’s movies I decided it was time for another poll.   This poll has Scott Howard; The Wolf (Teen Wolf) vs Ronnie Miller (Can’t Buy Me Love).  It’s time for a dance off!  Can Ronnie Miller’s African Anteater Ritual match Scott Howard doing The Big Bad Wolf?



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Totally Rad Tees Appearing in TV & Film

Whenever I work on eBay listings, I throw a classic movie on for background entertainment.  In the past month I’ve re-watched; Die Hard, The Terminator, The Highlander, Clerks, Chasing Amy and last night was Revenge of The Nerds.

I had almost forgotten about the tee’s Booger wears during some of the scenes.

So I started thinking about other classic Tees that have shown up in movies.  Here are some more of my favorites……What are some of your favorite tees from TV or Film?

Kevin Corrigan's Charles Manson Shirt in Slums of Beverly Hills

John C. Reilly's Dirt Bike Shirt in Boogie Nights

Here’s a couple more from Booger in Revenge of the Nerds – ‘High On Stress’ and the classic ‘Who Farted’

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover

More to come………

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Turtles fight with honor!

Here’s a couple of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirts.  From 1989 & 1990.   The white one is currently available on ebay.  The other will be available soon! Click here to check out the listing.

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