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January 31, 1970 – Grateful Dead Arrested

In New Orleans, The Grateful Dead were arrested for possession of LSD and barbituates, an incident which would inspire the song, ‘Truckin’.


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Sid Vicious – May 10, 1957

Sid Vicious was born today in 1957. Bass player for the classic 1970’s band; Sex Pistols.  Sid Vicious died of a drug overdose in February 1979.

In 1986, Sid and Nancy was released.  The movie portrays the life of Sid  and his relationship with Nancy Spungen.  Starring Gary Oldman as Sid.

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Holidays in the Sun was always my favorite Sex Pistols tune.  Check out this live performance.

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John Travolta – February 18, 1954

Happy Birthday to John Travolta! Born February 18, 1954. Check out some vintage Grease T-shirts currently available on eBay

Danny was so dreamy

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Coffy or Foxy Brown?

Watched a couple of bad ass Pam Grier films over the weekend. Coffy (1973) and Foxy Brown (1974). Both are excellent examples of 70’s blaxploitation. I felt Coffy was a little more violent including a shotgun decapitation scene in the beginning.

On the other hand, Foxy Brown had better use of great terms like, ‘Dynomite’ & ‘Jive Turkey’. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that not until the movie Semi Pro has the term ‘Jive Turkey’ been used so well in a film.

Here’s your chance to vote for which one you like best.
Both are currently available on netflix streaming.

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